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Construction of TDLAS detection system
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Its main features include:
(1) high selectivity, high resolution spectral technique, which is free from the interference of other gases due to the "fingerprint" of the molecular spectrum. This characteristic has obvious advantages compared with other methods.
(2) it is a general technique for the efficient use of all active molecules that are absorbed in the infrared, and the same apparatus can be easily converted into an instrument for the measurement of other components. Because of this feature, it is easy to change it into a simultaneous measurement of multiple components.
(3) it has the advantages of high speed and high sensitivity. In the absence of sensitivity, the time resolution can be in the order of MS. The main field of application of this technology are: molecular spectroscopy, industrial process monitoring and control, combustion diagnosis analysis, the efficiency of the engine and the motor vehicle exhaust, explosive detection, measurement of atmospheric trace gas monitoring etc..
Industry: metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, coal industry, power industry, chemical industry, environmental protection industry, etc.


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